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Comox Valley, Vancouver Island B.C

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REBEL HEART... The name brings forth images. A free spirit, walking a different path, fearlessness, taking a chance. These are the things we talk about, write about and sing about... and sometimes, just sometimes, a love song to remind us that this whole human life thing is really all about LOVE.

REBEL HEART currently finished its studio working of their first EP release, with internationally renowned ROCKER, producer and all-round mensch, PAUL LAINE. Master production by renowned Chris Aiken.

And the music... Well... It’s like this.

John Mellencamp walks into a bar... And sits down at a table with Steve Earl and the Tragically Hip. They’re getting drunk and telling road stories. In the corner Wierd Al and Axl Rose are playing pool; Al is kicking Axl’s ass (just sayin’) ...And the ghost of Tom Petty is whispering in the ear of Tom Waits who is tending bar.

    The Music... Loud, a bit Proud, Damn well Unrepentant.

    The members of REBEL HEART are proud citizens of the Independent Republic
    of Vancouver Island.

  • Charlie Aiken - Vocals, strings, keys, lyrics and YES... energy!
  • Jim Dupuis - Drums, beer cans, cowbell and anything that will take a beating.
  • Grateful Jon - Bass, strings, keys,harmonica, lyrics, vocals and general abuse.
  • Josh Fulford - Lead Guitar; poster boy for the band!

  • WE’RE REBEL HEART See ya on the Road!
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